15+ BMW M3/M4 CSF Top Mount Charge Air Cooler


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Product Description

CSF Charge Air Cooler BMW M3 M4 F80 F82 F83 8082

  • Dominate the track with increased cooling and endurance!
  • Allows you to push the car harder for longer without worrying about heat soak.
  • Cleans up the engine bay and gets rid of the ugly stock unit.
  • Never be embarrassed by power loss caused by heat soak again.


  • Cast endtank design

  • 60% Larger Core than stock

  • Easy to Install “Drop-In” fitment

  • OEM Style “Quick-Connect” ports.

  • Lifetime Warranty


  • 2014+ BMW M3 [F80]

  • 2015+ BMW M4 [F82/F83]

Don’t get left behind or have to do cool down laps at the track. The CSF Dual-Pass Charge-Air-Cooler solves heat soak issues with the S55 engine in the M3/M4 [F80/F82/F83] (especially when combined with the CSF High Performance Heat Exchanger). For the track enthusiast this is a must have!

Designed using 3D Scanning and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), the CSF Charge-Air-Cooler maximizes efficiency for intake temperature reduction. While this does help with power gains, it makes a huge difference in power consistency. No one wants to be down on power after driving hard for 3 minutes right? Well, now you don’t have to worry about that anymore! Also, this is a simple upgrade that does not involve custom installation so reverting back to stock later is easy to do if needed.

CSF Charge Air Cooler BMW M3 M4 F80 F82 F83 8082
CSF Charge Air Cooler BMW M3 M4 F80 F82 F83 8082R CSF Charge Air Cooler BMW M3 M4 F80 F82 F83 8082

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 15 in


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