BrenTuning In-House Services

Product Description


– Full factory level maintenance and repair services (A,B,C,D level) completed in-house for Domestic, Japanese, European and Exotics vehicles

– Basic maintenance (brakes, oil changes, timing kits, transmission fluid, spark plugs, coil packs, gaskets, etc)

– Race/street car high-performance suspension and chassis work

– Used/auction vehicles for emissions compliance diagnostics (evap, O2 monitor readiness)

– Fuel system/electrical issue diagnostics and repair

– Check engine light (CEL) diagnostics – full dealer tools (ISTA, INPA, TEXA, STAR, AUTEL, Snap-On)

– Hunter Roadforce wheel/tire mounting and high-speed balancing including TPMS services

– High performance aftermarket parts installation (intake, exhaust, throttle bodies, fuel systems, camshafts, gauges, etc.)

– Engine, transmission and differential services

– Carbon cleaning for DI (direct injected) vehicles

– Pre and post purchase vehicle inspections (PPO)

– PCA Porsche certified track facility

– Aerodynamics install (lips, wings, splitters, etc. (excluding body work/paint)

– Alarm and stereo installation with custom wiring

– All-wheel drive, loaded chassis diagnostics and power and torque readings

– Aftermarket exterior and interior modifications (headlight, tail light, mud flaps, emblems, interior dress-up rally lighting)

– Winter Storage for those looking to keep their vehicles out of the harsh elements



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